Four Nations, One Vision


Grades Taught

K4 - grade 8


Kisipatinahk School is a Kindergarten to Grade 8 school located on Louis Bull Tribe in Maskwacîs, Alberta. We have 260 awasisak ekwa oskayak. We are proud to be able to provide our students instruction in the Maskwacîs Cree language and culture and the Alberta curriculum.

Kisipatinahk School Logo

Why does Kisipatinahk School have a paskaw mostos (buffalo) as a mascot?

Louis Bull Reserve was named after Louis Bull, the son of Noah Muddy Bull who was considered the leader of the Band. His Cree name was Askiw Mstos which some say was mistranslated as Muddy Bull. The real translation they say is Earth Bull. The Cree translation for buffalo is Paskwaw Mostos. The Kisipatinahk School would therefore have the buffalo as their symbol for their obvious connection with the name of their previous leaders.


We believe in a holistic approach to learning to meet the needs of our kiskinwahamakosowak. We provide a well-rounded, quality education that incorporates the Alberta curriculum and our Maskwacis Curriculum.

We have a priority on Maskwacisak traditions, culture, values, and language. We strive to adhere to the MESC core values of:

  • Iyiniw Mamitonehicikan
  • Nehiyaw Pimatisiwin
  • Nehiyawewin
  • Wahkohtowin